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How can I purchase this special package of EWAR Compact through online?

EWAR Compact special package for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are available on https://ewar.tmrnd.com.my/

What does this special package entail?

This package aims to introduce a reliable, high accuracy contactless thermal screening solution and making it accessible for SMEs to resume their full business operations and help them guard against the spread of COVID-19. This special offer for SMEs will package EWAR Compact together with existing Unifi products as a twelve-month instalment plan.

I’m a non-UniFi customer, can I purchase this EWAR Compact for my premise?

This offer is only open to existing UniFi customers. However, interested non-UniFi customer can directly contact business@tmrnd.com.my or visit https://ewar.tmrnd.com.my/ for more information on existing EWAR products and purchase directly with them.

Does the device come with a warranty?

Yes, should there be any problem with the device, you can always contact our team. The warranty will cover the entire 12-months period.

Who should I contact for any enquiries on the EWAR?

You may contact us at business@tmrnd.com.my should you require further assistance.

What are the minimum requirements for using EWAR Compact?

To enable EWAR Compact’s Cloud and Mobile App features, customers will need a wired LAN access with internet connectivity. The device does not have Wi-Fi capabilities and requires to be connected via RJ45 or ethernet cable.